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This Japanese character "Umi" means "Ocean"...


When I was a child, I was already fascinated by flowers and trees, looking for the precious seeds. In 1999, I started working in horticulture by doing a "first step in business" internship. After five years of biology studies, the ocean took me for nine more years, first as a student, then as a marine biogeochimist scientist, fascinated and lively by the necessity of understanding and protecting it.  However I always wanted to retrieve land, to admire the plants growing in unique and natural environments, to design new worlds in gardens, by promoting the respect of plants, modes and over all environments.


Furthermore I developed a strong affinity for Japanese gardens and philosophy.  Even if, like most of us, I discovered the bonsai world in the nineties while the "zen" mode was invading Europe, I always felt something more, behind "clichés" and all these superficial statements.

Japanese landscapes and gardens release a natural and refined spirit as well as a complex simplicity that fascinates me. We should not be sought to understand it, feeling it is enough.  Ever since, Japanese garden design is governed by some rules based on a dialog as equals between Nature and Human, which is simple and natural for Japanese but is far less and more complex for Westerners.


We should take it as an example.


Umi-Paysage comes from my passion for Japan and for coastline gardens. It is also a nod to my past with oceans.


Umi-Paysage aims to design mainstream landscapes and gardens, which support sustainable development principles by using and rewarding at a maximum alternative techniques and the protection of natural resources.  From small cocooning gardens, balconies in town, to large coastline gardens, Umi-Paysage can design your garden to fit your style and your wishes while running wild with creativity, but always by keeping a constant equilibrium with Nature.




Umi-Paysage offers projects for everyone and every gardens, projects "à la carte" (from simple advice to plan's conception and project outline of your garden) or projects from design to creation (designed by Umi-Paysage and created by one or more local contractors).


You can find more information about the services and prices in the "Prestations et Tarifs" page, but please, feel free to contact me directly if necessary !


See you in your garden !

Traduction: 'Deep Word Translation'


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Concevoir un jardin c'est avant tout savoir observer et transformer la nature en place tout en respectant son équilibre. On peut déplacer un caillou mais la montagne, elle, restera là. Tout comme l'océan, on peut lui tourner le dos, mais lui ne le fera pas.

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